X-Cellerator - Nitro - 145610

X-Cellerator 1/10 Nitro ST The XTM Nitro X-Cellerator 1/10 Stadium Truck Nitro RTR is a top of the line nitro race truck. The X-Cellerator has it all, full adjustability, threaded aluminumum shocks, adjustable ball diff and slipper clutch, and has been tested at over 46 mph. The X-Cellerator is a race ready truck that comes RTR, including a high performance .18 engine and 2 Channel radio. This is a truck that gives the back yard racers tons of features, and when you are ready to race against the best, you have a truck that is ready when you are, the XTM X-Cellerator. What the magazines are saying about the X-Cellerator: From The RCCA Review - read the full review here - "It's a tough truck!" "Good job, XTM; the X-Cellerator is a bash-worthy backyard machine that also handles well on a racetrack. The engine is easy to start and tune, yet very powerful, and it had no trouble running all day. The factory assembly was very good, too; even the radio trims were spot on." "Fast, tough and raceable." Everything You Ever Wanted in a Race Truck We Put It in an RTR! "It looks like those more expensive trucks, and itís definitely priced right, but how does it taste? Iím here to tell you it tastes very, very good." "The radar gun confirmed that the X-Cellerator has a ballistic top speed at over 50 mph." "I can honestly say that, on the track, the X-Cellerator performed as well as, if not better than, any other RTR in its class, including those made by traditional ďracingĒ companies. Factor in the X-Celleratorís street price, and this should be one of the most popular trucks on the market." Racers want performance and today's entry-level hobbyist want race-quality. X-Cellerator gets you on the track quick with racing truck performance that kicks-butt. We crammed everything you'll value most in this awesome ride. Check out the huge list of features! We then topped it off with the powerful Rear Exhaust XTM 18, a reliable Hitec Radio system, and a factory painted and trimmed body. We also recognize that you'll need to customize your truck for your particular track as you continue to race and win with your X-Cellerator. So, we've made it compatible with with other company's bodies, wheels, and Tires. With XTM's new X-Cellerator, you're ready to race and win. XTM has loaded this new stadium racer with features normally only associated with race trucks: Racing Legal Dimensions Thick Aluminum countersunk chassis Aluminum Top chassis/gearbox brace Multiple shock adjustments with suspension adjustments and positions Threaded shock bodies Race Ready Ball Differential CVA type Rear Drive Axles Full Ball Bearings Shock dust boots Race-style Fuel Tank Aluminum Tuned Pipe Sealed Receiver Compartment Adjustable Slipper Clutch Fiberglass Disk Brake Low CG gearbox and chassis layout Turnbuckle Suspension Links Race Disk Wheels

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